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Bookworm 2013: Bucketful of Childhood

Due to the timing of this overview and my reading the book, Neil Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of the Lane will end up in a post by itself, although, to be frank, it would probably have deserved at least an honorable mention among the best books of the year (particularly since it is one of […]

Bookworm 2013: Worlds of the Undead

The undead were unusually thin on the ground this year, mostly because the market currently seems glutted with increasingly cheap and increasingly amateurish fare. However, I could not go a year entirely zombieless, and so I picked up one of the modern classics, Max Brooks’ World War Z. First off, slow zombies. That is always a […]

Bookworm 2013: Continuations

There were quite a few series I’ve continued this year, either because I decided to set aside the time and get invested into thousands of pages of a world, such as Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series, or simply because the latest sequels or parts of x-ologies happed to come out this year. The ones listed below are […]

Bookworm 2013: The Strangest Things

Recommendations by friends are a weird beast. The number of hits and misses is pretty evenly matched, and the difference between these two is indicative of the rift between who I really am, and how others perceive me. As writerly types, my buddies are pretty standoffish with their recommendations, and understand that even near-universal praise […]

Bookworm 2012: Winners

Top Tier: Joe Abercrombie – The Heroes Pro: Vivid, dynamic, brutal and different fantasy story about a battle and its consequences, and a grim cast of characters with no real good guys to be found. Contra: Occasionally slips into slight cliché with the characterization, the initial battle description feels slightly gimmicky at first, but these objections are […]

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