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Bookworm 2013: Reality Check

Well, it almost took a full year. I started reading Douglas R. Hofstadter’s Goedel, Escher, Bach in late July 2012, and finally brought it to an end in late March 2013. In the meantime, I’ve nibbled at it, took it slow, worked through some of the proofs and puzzles, took some short breaks, then took some […]

Bookworm 2013: Caught Stealin’

David Benioff’s City of Thieves was a lucky hit – picked almost at random from my mammoth “to read” pile, only later did I realize it wound up on the pile due to a recommendation by one of my good buddies. If I’d have to say which one of the books I’ve read in 2013 was the best, […]


[flickr]photo:5954959569[/flickr] The summer is here to remind us, because we tend to forget. It is easy to forget in the winter, wrapped in layers upon layers of insulation, hibernating beneath the frozen cover of ice and frost, but in summer it is all around us, in the rub of sweaty flesh, the moist stench of […]

The Shadow of This Morning’s Desire

[flickr]photo:5352068847[/flickr] The city is beautiful this morning. A chilly midwinter mist collides with the harsh grey-white rays of the waking Sun, sprawling across the cityscape like a transparent canvas. Short snippets whiz by, across the wide viewport opening above my gloved hands as they grip the steering wheel. Here, the grey shadow of a bridge […]

On Worthy Causes

[flickr]photo:4074151523[/flickr] Autumn arrived two days ago. Just as I was polishing off a sexy introduction about how we didn’t have a proper autumn in ages, mostly just caroming straight from the scorching blast of subtropical ultraviolet into knee-deep slush and slippery streets and the sheer poetry of it being announced not by the flip of […]

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