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You have got to be…

… frakkin’ kidding me. When I read the release info, I thought it was some kind of joke, but no, apparently Enrique Iglesias has apparently published a tune with someone called Sarah Connor. Quite audacious, naming yourself thusly. Yes, she named herself. It’s not her real name. No, I don’t listen to Enrique. Except in […]

Parallax the Sloppy Writing

I am just a sucker for fancy packaging. In the case of novels, the packaging has traditionally been the book cover, with its blurbs and synopses and golden embossed type and scantily clad buxom lasses and phallic rocketguns and laserships and whatnot. However, in the digital era, all of these factors have taken a huge […]

Sucked out the Marrow

Okay, so what do I do with the bone now? An interesting conundrum. I’ve read Marrow by one Robert Reed and thoroughly enjoyed it. The problem is, the Marrow I’ve linked to is not the one I’ve read. Rather, what I got my hands on was the novella that the novel is based on (funny… […]

Behind Closed Doors

Well now. I got kicked out of the Internet Veterans Club today. Implicitly. I just couldn’t resist commenting on a bit of news I ran across this morning.  Lapsing into arguing with imaginary people on the Internet is a bad sign, especially after holding out for so long, but I fear my inner sixteen-year-old simply […]

A Free Beer Awaits…

… this young lady, should our paths ever intersect: [flickr]photo:3342742419[/flickr]

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