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Pass The Glitter, Please

No excuses this time. Right beneath your window, burly muscle assembles wood, carpeting and floodlights into an impromptu black-carpet private affair, complete with bouncers, hostesses and those silly aluminum posts with bits of velvety rope strewn between them to herd the new arrivals in an orderly line. An innocent soul with the shit luck of […]

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    Written in minutes and fact-checked in seconds via Google. May contain unsafe levels of self-righteousness. Past cleverness is no guarantee of future results.
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    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
    From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time
    The Ophiuchi Hotline
    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
    Green Eyes
    Crackpot Palace: Stories
    The Fractal Prince
    The Fecund's Melancholy Daughter

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