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Je T’aime, Petite Croissant

[flickr]photo:4389245609[/flickr] Like clockwork, every morning at 8:30, amid the wafting scent of olive ciabattas and glazed panini, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin moan and groan as they engage in simulated sodomy. My representative sample is not exact and there was most certainly no double-blind study involved, since I don’t arrive to the bakery at the […]

Not a Sparrow Shall Fall

[flickr]photo:4361494585[/flickr] And wouldn’t you know it, nigh on four years ago, Brad Pitt purchased the rights for himself to play the central character of the Jesuit priest Emilio Sandoz. Having not read it at the time, I failed to notice this tidbit, but now cannot help but wonder how he will handle the surprise buttsecks […]

Life Without Walls

[flickr]photo:4352215628[/flickr] Being an avid SF reader inundated with ideas of the singularity, of alternate planes and modes of existence, I frequently skip over seemingly more mundane cognitive shifts that, doubled-back upon, actually dig really, really deep into our preconceptions. For example, dwelling on the fact that potentially 63% of the total mass in the Universe […]

Taking the Gentle Approach

[flickr]photo:4321788297[/flickr] One intriguing perspective shift I was reminded of yesterday was that everything is an event. This does not mean that my having coffee this morning amounts to high drama ranking up there with The Ring Cycle (pick one) worthy of a rapt audience following every minute detail thereof, as many twitterinos seem to believe. […]