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The Lazarus Planet

Posted on | March 4, 2007 | No Comments

Buried deep within the fossil record of the myriad tubes that comprise what we have come to know and love as teh intarwebs lie traces of a small city known by the pompous name of Screaming Planet. Dead links on other sites, blogs and forums, scraps of search phrases that try to lead the unwary traveler to pages long since gone, and traffic analysis data that keeps ticking with the occasional visitor or two that stumble upon the utterly uninformative main page are all trails that point to its once more-or-less glorious past.

But the code monkey that uttered the initial word of creation still lives on, disconnected from all but a few of his closest friends. Though many have given up on him, he steals a minute or two or his time and occasionally pushes a few buttons, grinding slowly but inexorably towards his goal: the resurrection of Screaming Planet.

Not like it once was – all those hopefuls who wish to see more of the same are in for quite a disappointment, for what once was cannot exist anymore. Times have changed, technology has changed, and the needs and wants of people have changed. Some will hate the new Planet, some will, or so the code monkey hopes, love it. Whichever way you cast your lot, the monkey is content, for all he wants is an outlet for his urge to tell things to the world, and that he has built.

So welcome. Relax. Read. Write. Comment. Enjoy yourself. Or go away.

Your choice.

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