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Posted on | September 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

Entertaining as the work on the code for Screaming Planet was, at one point I realized that, in effect, I was reproducing most of the functionality of WordPress. Putting finger to forehead, I asked myself what was the point? I was doing pretty good (which kind of does wonders for one’s coding confidence, to be single-handedly making the equivalent of the work of dozens of people), but it is futile work, since I’ll never have the time and patience to code every little thing I’d like to have, and debug all the annoying little bugs that inevitably creep up.

Another factor came into play – the simple fact that almost none of you (and kudos to the few exceptions) were in the mood to write here. Which is fine. I never did expect a huge outpouring of prose by the casual visitors. But since the whole thing kind of trickled down to a big fat zilch, I am closing the pipelines. This is a solo effort from now on, unless someone explicitly asks me for author access.

The migration was a bit brutal. I’ve killed all posts not written by me, along with all posts in the languages formerly known as Serbo-Croatian. I am simplifying things a bit. No multilingualism from now on, we’re going globalist.  I will try to migrate your accounts later on, but it is a bit heavy, since legit accounts are mixed in among literally hundreds of spammers who seemed to have figured out how to register, but not how to post. Funny.

So anyway… for most of you, this will probably be a “meh” moment. But hey, life goes on. At least we’re not dead yet.

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