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Still Not Quite

Posted on | July 26, 2010 | No Comments

[flickr]photo:4831145124[/flickr] Surgery did throw me off rhythm for a while, but I can’t really blame the first-person encounter with stomach lacerations without anesthesia for the long silence. It has a lot more to do with the twin devils of work and procrastination, the main reasons why I’m not exercising regularly, eating healthy, completing that damn first novel or getting on with recording our debut album.

In the meantime, things happened and plowing through my RSS feeds I’ve noticed that although everyone and their grandmother picked up on Craig Venter and his synthetic bug – and who-ho, if it wasn’t the talk of the planet for a whole 15 minutes – and some even picked up on the LIFE replicator that turns out to be a horribly fancy glider, but a lot of intriguing stuff seems to have simply flown underneath the radar.

There was news about old stuff, about future stuff, really huge stuff and really tiny stuff. There was some stuff that is so abstruse I forgot why I bookmarked it and now I don’t understand a word from that article. There was also really simple stuff debunking some long-believed myths. There are some potential game-changers and some truly freaky blindsightish stuff, along with a healthy dose of humor nature directed against human pomposity.

So there, I’ve dumped it all. I’ve cleaned out the bookmarks and saved those I intend to use in writing that damn first novel (never), so hopefully I’ve set procrastination loose and the only thing to battle is work. Which, due to my unfortunate predilection for food and shelter, is not likely to go away any time soon.

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