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Not the Bang We Were Looking For

Posted on | August 4, 2010 | No Comments


I’m not sure which one I like more, a possibly immense new discovery that has the potential to fundamentally change our world-view, or a really solid thrashing of pompous-sounding but fundamentally flawed kooky “scientists” trying to displace one of the foundational theories of modern physics by using the very physics they are trying to show as wrong. Unfortunately, the latter are far overwhelming the former, otherwise we wouldn’t need a whole host of websites such as the Bad Astronomy or the Language of Bad Physics to separate the otherwise unintelligible but credible-sounding balderdash from little cognitive gems that get lost in the noise. Although for myself, being a maladjusted asocial (space) bastard, rational discourse is always trumped by good old fashioned poisonous vitriol with a solid scientific foundation, but it seems that good examples of it are even rarer these days.

On a flip side, physicists could really work on their analogies a bit more. Billiard balls and tables kinda suck as an illustration tool for the miracles of quantum thaumaturgy.