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The Sated Infovore

Posted on | September 27, 2010 | No Comments


I am at zero unread posts! Finally! After literally weeks of digging, between the manic throes of catching up with work, and the decreased rate of information digestion as compared to munching it in bite-sized chunks through a constant flow of headlines during the regular daily grind. But now the near-manic OCD is finally quiet and the morning coffee seems somehow… way too brief.

So, what would I have missed had I just clicked “mark all as read”? Nothing much, in fact. The main culprits were 500+ strong unread RSS folders marked “Science” (no cure for cancer yet, no confirmation on string theory – though we may finally have something testable on that, no AI loose and commandeering a horde of killer robots… yet), LOLz (aaaah, those funny talking felines, they do make my day) and BoingBoing… which did, way back, point me the way of the ukulele… but it also pointed me the way of Bacigalupi (and that piece of shit book did get a Hugo in the end… unbelievable)… so the jury is still out on that one.

I can live without the networks quite comfortably when I’m on the seaside or up a mountain or, well, anywhere non-urban or sufficiently interesting. However, the moment I return to civilization and my regular digital urban carapace, the itch begins, and I can’t help myself… perhaps it is simple and slightly whiffulous of bad teenage poetry, I’m a lonely soul and thus imbue the Intarnets with a user-constructed conscience to make it the perfect companion… but more likely, it is merely OCD coupled with an odd sort of infovorous addiction that leaves me unable to resist the fix if it is available, but not bothering me if not.

Though camping did get really boring at one point. But it was the good boring. The really good boring. The strumming in the pine shades all day, trying to catch the rhythm of the waves type of boring. Ah, to be so bored again.

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