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Magically Posthuman

Posted on | October 18, 2010 | 2 Comments


So, I guess I’ve incorporated or something. They are digesting a sheaf of papers in the bank right now, and soon I will be more than a simple human, they will turn me into a dual actual/virtual construct with a buttload of additional rights and obligations. Fear the hostile takeover.

This was a uniquely arcane experience, though. Grey-haired mystics in high towers muttered over pieces of paper with me, filing, signing and verifying. We undertook several magical rituals (really looove the “stamping” one) and now reality is somehow, intangibly different. One moment I was just some guy, the next I could hand out invoices and  file taxes and wield my staff of power (okay, really just a stamp, but still) and do other mystical things previously inaccessible to me.

Society is where magic always lived and where it still survives, even among rational people inclined towards the scientific method as a means of discovering the nature of the Universe. You can burn chicken legs in a circle of salt all night long, it will not fix your car, but a bit of magical muttering, a few ritual pilgrimages, and suddenly, as far as society is concerned, I am more than human. A ceremonial rite, more muttering between a man and a woman, and nothing is the same again for the two, they are man and wife, not just some dude and his girlfriend. Something intangible changes in the atmosphere.  Magic crackles in the seams of human interactions.

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