Screaming Planet

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Posted on | July 24, 2012 | No Comments

[flickr]photo:7638109824[/flickr] The transition was sudden. One moment, she was floating across the patchy tapestry of the surface, shifting hourly from sunlight to shadow and shadow to sunlight, circling along an ever tightening spiral. Her initial velocity was decreasing, sapped steadily with the ponderous, rhythmic beating of the thistledown superconducting wing meshes against the roiling lines of planetary magnetic fields. The loss of speed drew her inexorably into ever lower orbits, down a descending spiral that would eventually intersect the spheroid surface of the world below.

Then the first feathery wisps of atmosphere tickled her nose. Hissing and popping, air began flowing around her, beating against her chest, against her eyes, swirling in mad vortices behind her feet, sneaking into her nostrils, into her mouth.

Spreading her arms, she took her first thin breath of home.