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The Mutating City

Posted on | January 8, 2009 | No Comments

I’m on to Them.

Finally, after years in the dark, playing the frog-to-be-boiled to their slow squeeze, I’ve realized what is going on: we’re getting boxed in.

They tell me that the situation has been like this, or even worse for quite a while now in places such as the US, where there are actual laws against “vagrancy”. This is different, however, this is not some overzealous public official decreeing that “hanging out” is a crime. No, far more nefarious things are afoot here with a subtle scheme robbing us slowly of public spaces where we can spend time outside boxes without paying for… things.

Public benches are disappearing. It is increasingly difficult to stand still in public places, with the constant jostling and shoving. Even the last remaining fortresses of open air idle dawdling are fading and the subliminal push to constant activity and economic flow encroaches in the form of joggers, organized art-exhibitions and the incessant need to drag a bottle of store-bought water along everywhere.

Well, I’ve had enough. I plan to fight back as best I can. You should, too. Resist that impulse to do something. Resist the urge to sit down in a coffee shop. Resist the pull of the engulfing flow of the masses. Take back the public spaces.


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