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Like Stepping Into a Whole Different Intartube

Posted on | November 10, 2008 | No Comments

Right. I simply have to take a break from my normal poetic musings on the nature of consciousness, perception, reality and other high-falutin’ subjects to comment on something entirely bizarre. While browsing the web, I ran across this blog post. Reading the page, I started feeling a mounting sense of unease about the contents. Not about the subject matter itself, though Ash was swift to decry “INFIDEL DEFILERS” after I sent him the link. Not even about the fact that I just ran into a blog post about particle physics written for, well, particle physicists on something called Sensible Erection (and no, it’s not a pr0n site).

I was flabbergasted by the comments on that page.

They all seem to be written by… well, by intelligent people. Educated people. Scientists, even. Sure, they argue at times, they delve off-topic at times, but sweet zombie Jesus, one of the comments has got an actual bibliography. Let me run that by you once more: one of the comments on a blog post out in Internetland has got a bloody bibliography.

It is scary to see that someone out there is using the Internet for what it was meant to be used.

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