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Upcoming Turbulence

Posted on | November 27, 2008 | No Comments

There is going to be a bit of tumbling about in the next few days. The end of this month is when our server is scheduled to go down, so there is bound to be some interstitial downtime while I get everything back up and running at a new location.

On a side note, one of the upsides of having a clone of WordPress that is similar, though not entirely the same to the original became apparent the other day. In the old system, an enormous bunch of spammers managed to register, but failed to figure out how to post, so there wasn’t a lot of maintenance work to be done.

With WordPress, however, there are literally dozens of spam comments being posted daily for each post on the site. All posts have to pass moderation, so you never see all the saucy offers I have to wade through, but it makes me wonder, since this is a long-inactive site that was quite busy in its heyday, but has fallen into a bit of disuse lately, what kind of spammerific pressure do truly popular places have to deal with?

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