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Bookworm 2012: Written for Us

Posted on | December 29, 2012 | 1 Comment

Jo Walton - Among OthersJo Walton took home a whole bunch of awards for Among Others, but she also took a lot of flak from critics opining that the book was, in fact, rather mediocre, but was purposefully written to win awards, aimed at the Hugo/Nebula voting crowd that grew up in the early con heydays.

I would tend to agree that it was purposefully written, and aimed at a very specific audience, but would also tend to argue that it is not merely the Hugo and Nebula con-visiting crowd. I am not from the States, not even from an English speaking country, I have never been to an actual con, I have never voted for any awards, yet this is a book that I could closely relate to. It is a book about love of science fiction, yes, but also a book about the love for books, about being introverted and different, as the title suggests, and a book about finding other people who share the same, rare tastes, of establishing the first friendships born out of similar interests instead of mere geographic proximity, as the title, again, aptly suggests.

It is one of those novels that begin after the main action already happened, looking at the ups and downs of life in a not-so-happily-ever-after, as we follow Morwenna, the wounded twin that survived a great magical confrontation with their insane mother, trying to navigate life away from the fey magic that infused her former home in Wales, stuck in a boarding house by her aloof father with whom she shares a love of science fiction and little else. Another magical clash is inevitable, and along with the build-up it does provide a loose framing for the story, but it is there merely as a cherry on top of a very sweet, poetic meditation on growing up bookish.

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