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Sucked out the Marrow

Posted on | March 18, 2009 | No Comments

Okay, so what do I do with the bone now?

An interesting conundrum. I’ve read Marrow by one Robert Reed and thoroughly enjoyed it. The problem is, the Marrow I’ve linked to is not the one I’ve read. Rather, what I got my hands on was the novella that the novel is based on (funny… like the word novel is based on the word novella). The rough outline of the plot is there. The main characters are there. Most of the action is there. In the expanded edition, some things have been added, some things subtracted. A few twists were mushed up to produce a sufficiently different work to warrant it not being simply an LP version of a previous seven-inch.

What bugs me is whether the differences are sufficient to justify my reading the, well, the same story again, after I’ve been through the reader’s digest version. I’ll hazard a “no” on it, and use the almighty Intarwebs to tell me what the differences are, much in the same way that Wikipedia contributors helped me in staying up-to-date when discussions in my surroundings chanced to turn to the Harry Potter novels without my having to endure the arduous task of actually reading through the nauseating stories.

Yes. In a twisted way, the hermetic and unexplaining novella makes far more sense than the elaborate novel-length plot. I’m going, figuring.

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