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A Temporary Respite

[flickr]photo:6325021775[/flickr] B’day reflexively reached for his gun, and was almost surprised to find it still dangling on his shoulder, after all the tumbling and turning. He drew the rifle up to aim, but then remembered the shot. “No bullet,” he shouted to the Major. “Bullets won’t help,” groaned the Major, pushing against the oars. “Get […]

And So It Begins…

[flickr]photo:6303470730[/flickr] “[…] Once they realized they were late, they abandoned all pretense of stealth. Their group was never one for subtlety – they usually bulled through confrontations with sheer force of numbers and firepower, but now, even the tentative veneer of martial orderliness was gone, and B’day found himself trotting to keep up with the grownups, […]

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