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The Frankfurter Book Fairy

[flickr]photo:5079193442[/flickr] Having been shipped off to battle zee Germans with Zakk, courtesy of our very own Tardis, I can now safely say that they have one hell of an enormous book fair in Frankfurt. In comparison with the local equivalent, the size difference is similar to that of the two airports. But although the size […]

On Worthy Causes

[flickr]photo:4074151523[/flickr] Autumn arrived two days ago. Just as I was polishing off a sexy introduction about how we didn’t have a proper autumn in ages, mostly just caroming straight from the scorching blast of subtropical ultraviolet into knee-deep slush and slippery streets and the sheer poetry of it being announced not by the flip of […]

Pass The Glitter, Please

No excuses this time. Right beneath your window, burly muscle assembles wood, carpeting and floodlights into an impromptu black-carpet private affair, complete with bouncers, hostesses and those silly aluminum posts with bits of velvety rope strewn between them to herd the new arrivals in an orderly line. An innocent soul with the shit luck of […]

Behind Closed Doors

Well now. I got kicked out of the Internet Veterans Club today. Implicitly. I just couldn’t resist commenting on a bit of news I ran across this morning.  Lapsing into arguing with imaginary people on the Internet is a bad sign, especially after holding out for so long, but I fear my inner sixteen-year-old simply […]

A Free Beer Awaits…

… this young lady, should our paths ever intersect: [flickr]photo:3342742419[/flickr]

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