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Three Votes of Agony

Posted on | May 6, 2007 | No Comments

What do you do when you stumble, quite by chance, upon a cute little festival of haiku movies?

Why, spend three hours in soft, yet strangely uncomfortable chairs, then blink in the harsh lights agonizing over which of the entries should be awarded the measly three votes we’ve been given.

There were no-brainers, of course, such as the awesomely directed, edited, animated and acted This Is Me, or the mildly retarded and rather poorly executed Adolf – Ich hock in meinem bonker. But how was I supposed to choose between the wonderfully animated carefree joke of the Burning Safari and the gimmicky yet extremely touching Dancing? Should I cast my lot with the somewhat droll but amazingly crafted Magic of Amelia or the delightfully imagined and acted, though rather predictable Goodbye to the Normals? Is the dreamy inspiring simplicity of L’education nautique better than the hypnotic photoexperiment of Apnee? Does the wicked morbidity of Kasting trump the twisted psycho games of Cirugia? Is the amusing insightfulness of Headspace better than the joy of seeing a religious nut be put in his place in Under There? Or was the hysterical energy of Ten Thousand Pictures of You a winner over the sombre and cruel hilarity of It May Be Funny?

I don’t know, but next year, I want at least 12 votes, dammit.

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