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[flickr]photo:8012628309[/flickr] Sheathing the flaming sword, Jophiella folded her outermost pinions in on themselves, down the spiral stairway of the multitude of dimensions, until she was left with the mere six-upon-twelve. Scenting the air, she daintily stepped into the passageway, smiling with joy at the coming brightness. Time was good.

Time was, in fact, very good.

The yapping monkeyboy and his ribspawn did exactly what they were clearly instructed not to, and now they were paying the price. The Tree no longer required a guardian. Let Uriel heft the flaming sword for a change, standing guard before the Gate. Her task was done.

She tiptoed through the passage, feeling the salty breeze and splashing from the Outside. Then, at the very edge, she grasped the walls and folded them through the six-upon-twelve, bringing, at long last, tranquility back to the Garden.

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