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Bookworm 2012: A Wonderful Mishap

Posted on | December 20, 2012 | No Comments

Liam Callanan - The Cloud AtlasSome books I read based on the advertising. Some I read based on recommendations. Some, however, I read because of pure, dumb, beautiful chance.

Under peer pressure and a desire to keep in touch with the zeitgeist I bitched out and decided to give Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell a go. However, the book I ended up with turned out to be a mislabeled copy of The Cloud Atlas by Liam Callanan. From what I’ve learned about both books, I think this was rather fortunate, as I ended up with an slightly oddball, yet touching novel about a goddamn actual Cloud Atlas, one that I can write a positive review for, instead of a pack of pretentious whiny diet-philosophical ramblings – though I may still be proven wrong about the latter.

The Cloud Atlas is a novel about, I guess, a love quadrangle, though I may be misremembering the exact geometric figure. In one corner sits a WWII bomb disposal expert stationed in Alaska and tasked with hunting down hushed-up Japanese firebomb-lantern balloons floating across US territory. In another, a beautiful and mysterious Yup’ik seer woman. In yet another, our intrepid hero’s superior officer, a brutal and somewhat disgruntled OSS officer obsessed about decoding the titular atlas that may give him a clue about the firebombs and their dispersal. The fourth corner is a spot I will not describe to avoid spoilers.

The most beautiful girl in the world found the book slightly rambling and slow, so be warned. On the other hand, I found it enchanting, moving me dreamily from an almost stifling catch-22-esque love story to an exquisitely brutal crescendo that gave me a serious case of book hangover.

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