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Thalamocortical Systems Out of Nowhere

Posted on | May 27, 2009 | No Comments

Though the article itself (2Mb PDF) is in itself fascinating reading, confirming a view of the issue that I have held for a while now, what I find really interesting is how these things just fly in under the radar. I mean, one moment you are reading science fiction about lobster gastrointestinal ganglion simulations, then all of a sudden you discover it’s all real, then people tell you real life brain simulations are ages off in the future if not outright impossible, then suddenly someone appears saying “meh, we’re doing it”.

Granted, it’s not a full simulation of the entire human brain, but I’d be willing to bet a dime or two that a pretty hefty section of our spongy grey squishable is, in fact, used to make the squishy meaty bit of us move around and stay alive, with but a tiny percent being actually responsible for the actual “us” inside. Methinks this has brought us closer to artificial consciousness than may be apparent at first.

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