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Bookworm 2013: Labyrinths

They warned me – told me very clearly – I should not read it unprepared; I should at least breeze through the Wikipedia entry to at least kind of have an idea of what’s going on. However, once I’m told something like that, I’ll do exactly the opposite, out of pride, arrogance, or simply just […]

Bookworm 2012: The Muffled Horn

They tell me The Crying of Lot 49 is Thomas Pynchon’s most accessible book, which might be part of the problem; the writing here is perhaps too transparent to truly wrap me up in the story and never let me surface for breath, as was the case with the utterly brilliant Gravity’s Rainbow. Inasmuch as […]

Bookworm 2012: Oui Stop

What started as an excursion into generation-starship waters became a full blown binge. Despite this being one of my favourite tropes, I missed quite a few of the classics, and so decided to do some archaeology. I started from what most sources agreed was the definitive (though not first) lost generation ship novel, Brian W. […]

Bookworm 2012: A Sip of Sour

Certain books age like fine wine and H. Beam Piper’s Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen sure isn’t one of them. Egged on by Jo Walton reminiscing about some of the legends of the genre, I dug through my “unread classics” folder to update my credentials, and since I love a good alternate history, I landed on […]

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