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Bookworm 2013: Reality Check

Well, it almost took a full year. I started reading Douglas R. Hofstadter’s Goedel, Escher, Bach in late July 2012, and finally brought it to an end in late March 2013. In the meantime, I’ve nibbled at it, took it slow, worked through some of the proofs and puzzles, took some short breaks, then took some […]

Bookworm 2012: Piles to Branches

The majority of the negative reviews for New Model Army by Adam Roberts seem to be focused on the apparent implausibility of the scenario he proffers. However, it would seem that those complaining are unaware of the origin of the title, of the real, historical New Model Army and the way it differed from the other armies of […]

Thalamocortical Systems Out of Nowhere

Though the article itself (2Mb PDF) is in itself fascinating reading, confirming a view of the issue that I have held for a while now, what I find really interesting is how these things just fly in under the radar. I mean, one moment you are reading science fiction about lobster gastrointestinal ganglion simulations, then […]

The Mutating City

I’m on to Them. Finally, after years in the dark, playing the frog-to-be-boiled to their slow squeeze, I’ve realized what is going on: we’re getting boxed in. They tell me that the situation has been like this, or even worse for quite a while now in places such as the US, where there are actual […]

On the Concept of Emergence In Various Systems

During the sixties, science fiction went through a bit of a revolution that seems to echo to this day. When fields such as sociology, psychology and history became the “S” in SF, the traditional branch stemming back to Wells and Verne, with the shoddy characterization and simple gung-ho narratives serving as little more than an […]

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