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Bookworm 2012: Oh So Quiet

Most of you will not like Paul McAuley’s The Quiet War, and probably shouldn’t even try to read it. I am not aiming for condescension, but simply the mindset when I say there is a lot of science in his fiction and most of it well and truly fictional. This opinion is borne out by […]

Bookworm 2012: The Muffled Horn

They tell me The Crying of Lot 49 is Thomas Pynchon’s most accessible book, which might be part of the problem; the writing here is perhaps too transparent to truly wrap me up in the story and never let me surface for breath, as was the case with the utterly brilliant Gravity’s Rainbow. Inasmuch as […]

Bookworm 2012: Aztecs in Space

With Captive Universe Harry Harrison proved that even when you squish together two awesome concepts you can still end up with a mediocre novel that aged like an avocado – suddenly and terribly. Exploring the generation ship trope, when I stumbled upon the synopsis it seemed like a surefire hit – interstellar Aztec colonists on […]

Bookworm 2012: Out of All Worlds

Some books require you to drop acid to fully ride their flow, with others it is enough that the writer did so – such is the case with Roger Zelazny’s Creatures of Light and Darkness. In many ways it is a rehash of his Lord of Light in a different setting – a heroic god-man […]

Bookworm 2012: Oui Stop

What started as an excursion into generation-starship waters became a full blown binge. Despite this being one of my favourite tropes, I missed quite a few of the classics, and so decided to do some archaeology. I started from what most sources agreed was the definitive (though not first) lost generation ship novel, Brian W. […]

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