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[flickr]photo:8091182945[/flickr] The others gave up immediately. Most were simply afraid of the sudden void, though others were more pragmatic, saying they would all get lost in the featureless expanse, walking in circles until their supplies ran out and they starved to death, half-deranged and hallucinating from lack of optical stimuli. She, however, could see the […]


[flickr]photo:8012628309[/flickr] Sheathing the flaming sword, Jophiella folded her outermost pinions in on themselves, down the spiral stairway of the multitude of dimensions, until she was left with the mere six-upon-twelve. Scenting the air, she daintily stepped into the passageway, smiling with joy at the coming brightness. Time was good. Time was, in fact, very good. […]


[flickr]photo:7638109824[/flickr] The transition was sudden. One moment, she was floating across the patchy tapestry of the surface, shifting hourly from sunlight to shadow and shadow to sunlight, circling along an ever tightening spiral. Her initial velocity was decreasing, sapped steadily with the ponderous, rhythmic beating of the thistledown superconducting wing meshes against the roiling lines of […]

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